Photography Workshop

Photography Workshop

After having an over view about SLR cameras we were set a series of tasks to help us familiarize ourselves with the basic skills needed to produce good quality photographs.

After using various photography Tecnique in my foundation course it was useful to have a catchup session and build on skills i had previously learnt.

Exercise 1

Put the camera on full manual and set the aperture to F5.6. With the ISO set at 100, take the same photograph using the following shutter speeds.


This resulted in the photographs being over exposed an progressively getting darker.

Exercise 2

Our second task was to change the shutter speed to 125 which meant it worked in reverse order with the photos starting under exposed, then gradually becoming brighter.

Exercise 3

Go to Stirchley. Photograph the following things:

. 3 portraits of people you don’t know
. 2 contrasting landscape
. Something ugly
. Somethings beautiful
. Signs of movement
. Something
. Nothing

Contrasting Landscapes

Something ugly

Something beautiful



Signs of movement


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