Recreate a magazine

Recreate a Magazine

Initial ideas;

Ive decided to take the brief completely out of context and make something sculptural following the guidelines. I had thought about where magazines are used and what for so my initial idea was to take a bed side table and cover it in magazine graphics and try transferring the images onto the surface like a collage. having thought about it and tried a few pieces on wood I didn’t feel very inspired and therefore decided to do something more radical with the idea!

First few samples on wood


Experiment with coiled pages of magazines on wood.            

Graphic magazine samples

I used various images from magazines and cut out sections to distort the picture and create new ones. I also tried scratching into the surface of the magazine prints to add some texture to it.



Jaume-Plensa. This is a exhibition that is currently on at the Yorksure Sculpture Park though unfortunately i didn’t get to see it but i looked up the artists and found some useful research.

I came across the piece below that the artist has done using metal and creating cut out letters. This really came in handy with my work when thinking about the graphics i wanted to put on the table and this also gave me inspiration to try out some ideas on the laser cutter.

Giant human sculptures made out of various metal letters.

Laser cut experiments 

After scratching things out of magazines and thinking about how i could apply this to my table i decided to try using the laser cutter to change the appearance of the magazine and create different layers.


Shadows through the pages of the magazines.


Burn text marks on the back pages of the magazine.

I chose a scrap Icon magazine i had and created text that would be compatible with the Laser machine and then waited whilst the letters got burnt out. I was really pleased with the results although the laser cutter wasn’t quite hot enough so it only went through a few pages of the magazine but that didn’t matter as it was only a sample. After seeing the results of the first magazine this inspired me to do another one using a different image and a different magazine.


After experimenting with the laser cutter and seeing the results i became really excited and interested in the graphics i could design on the magazine and the possibilities. I specifically  chose the Icon magazines as they were much better quality and they stood a much better chance when burning them in the laser machine i thought it also worked really well because they are design and graphics magazines therefore a lot of the fonts i were using related to the text in the book. Whilst i am in the process of making the table and I’m excited to see the results of that i’m going to think about producing some more laser cut magazines to either display onto or beside the table as pieces themselves that you can interact with and flick through.

Creating the Table 

After searching around Selly Oak for a table that was suitable and not being very successful. That last place i looked was a building materials sight and i happened to come across a table that he was trying to get rid of. When being told it would cost a meer £5, although it wasn’t what i wanted i thought there was potential and so I decided to take it. After taking it home, first things first….. i decided to sand it as the original dark coloured wood looked vile!


After sanding it all down i had to decide how i was going to design the table and start putting my ideas together


After cutting the table leg off i encountered some problems in that i expected the thickness        of the wood to run right through the table, however this was not the case and i ended up having to attach an extra piece of wood where the gap was to enable the replacement leg i had made to fix to the table.



Im pleased with the outcome and i think sanding it down to the original wood has made it look so much better but I’m still not happy about the style of the table though given the style constraints i am going to peruse my ideas with this table and see how far i can take it.

After buying a metal pole that i thought was suitable for the table, i took a few measurements and marked out where i would need to bend the pole and how far it would go into the table. I used a vice to hold the pole whilst i got a hammer and began to bend it making sure i was keeping it at wright angles. I am not to worried about the appearance of the pole as this will be covered in the magazine squares i am cutting.

Developing the final piece. 

I used some of the card letter cut outs that were left from the laser printer for the actual display of my table. I also used black spray paint and made stencils of words i had taken from the magazines to print on the table to try and create more layers.

The laser cut letters also came in handy when I was trying to create more volume around the magazine table leg and make it look as though the magazines had overflowed.

When i was cutting the squares for the leg of the table i faced a few problems. for a start the per portions of the table leg didn’t match that of the magazines and so i could only get two squares out of a magazine with quite a chunk left over. I was also having a problem using the pillar drill and being able to get a hole straight through the magazines without it being to messy. Though once i had cutt all the squares and managed to make the holes by changing the drill bit, i was quite surprised in the quantity of magazine i ended up with for the leg.

The pages went on reasonably easy although the bend in the leg was difficult and i needed more magazine squares to cover the pole.

Once i had attached the leg i got some longer pieces of magazine and laid them over the table to look as though the pages were overflowing and the words were creeping out of the paper.

I enjoyed this project as i was pleased with the idea and felt inspired to create lots of samples and explore different materials. I have also never re-designed or re-created a piece of furniture and so this was something that challenged me and gave me a new perspective on certain materials. I found wood a nice material to work with and there was lots of ways i could explore the material as its quite compatible. I have also never used the laser cutter before and it soon became apparent that there were endless possibilities that could be explored. i wasn’t happy with the table as it wasn’t quite what i was looking for and it didn’t quite fit my theme but given the time i was pleased with how far i pushed it although i think having tried and tested things, there are a lot more options and ideas i could use for the future.


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