Initial Research

I decided to watch a few of the films on the brief to give me inspiration and begin the design process.

Fims i watched:

. ‘The Road’ (2009)
Post apocalyptic story of a man and his son trying to survive after catastrophic natural disaster.

. ‘The Day after Tomorrow’
All about the effects of Global warming as a climatologist tries to reach his son in New York  before it’s immersed in water and taken over by a new ice age.

. ’28 days later’
A contagious  ‘rage’ virus spreads within four weeks without any known cure. A group of survivors try to find a place of safety.

As i watched the films i made notes of recurring problems throughout the films to help me generate some ideas.

Idea generation. 

The Road… recurring issues.

Lack of Food and Drink.
Trying to remain sane – not knowing the time/ date/ month/ year.

Could design a gadget to tell the time, something to do with how a sun dial works and casting shadows.

The day after tomorrow.
The fear of the unknown.

How to sustain a world underwater.

Create an underwater device… underwater packaging.

28 days later.

Fear of catching the virus.
How to stop it spreading.

Design a mask that stops the victim from being contaminated by the virus.

Properties needed:


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