Mask Prototypes

Mask prototypes

After doing some research on various different masks, how they are used and the function of them i decided to start designing my own. I have been looking closely at Japanese mask wearing culture and how they market it to future generations. I really like the idea of having a product that is made for survival purposes but can also fulfil the requirements of a fashion accessorise.

To give me inspiration and begin the designing process i started making paper models. I used pieces of A4 cartridge paper to make something that resembles some kind of mask.

Although paper was quite a hard medium to work with it gave me a rough idea of how i might want my mask to look and the possibilities.


I was still really interested in the mask being flat pack and more of an accessory so i tried to design the mask so it would be collapsable and portable.

Final Design ideas. 

       After getting a rough idea of how i might make my mask and doing some research on flat pack products i started to assemble a design. I used plastic from a folder to cutt out a template for a mask in the hope that it would all fit together.


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