Idea concepts 

When designing my mask i tried to look at different components i could use to combine my   ideas of a Positive Pressure mask with my flat pack design. I did a bit of research on Positive Pressure masks and the way they function. They use a pressure seal to fix the mask onto the face and then a fresh supply of oxygen gets blown up through a tube to eliminate any toxin gases and to allow the person to breath clean air.

Although my design does not enable me to make it a pressurised mask i still really like the idea of having an oxygen supply that eliminates any toxic gases or Zombie odour.

Zombie detector 

I thought about the idea of having a device to detect zombies just above the eye slot to warn the humans if there were Zombies approaching. It would be a red light similar to a radar that would transmits signals to a small pack attached to the belt of the person. This would give them enough time to either take cover or fight against their opponent using the oxygen supply in the mask to ensure the disease would not be transmitted.


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