When doing some initial research on the idea of simulating experiences i had a look at a website we had been given.

This website is all about the artist Nelly Ben, her work and all her extragavant experiments with installations.


Super K Sonic BOOOOum
This was a piece done by a collection of friends and scientists all to do with the idea of an experience through a sea of weird particle physics.
Its an installation that you can actually go through on a boat experiencing the eerie atmosphere for yourself.
There are various installations that Nelly Ben has done on her website that give me inspiration towards the project brief.
Another website that we were given to look at was ‘Second Life’ which is a virtual world in which you can create you own character  and build friends and destinations with other online users.
They describe it as your own second life in which you can get lost in your imagination and be or create anything you want. In some ways this sounds appealing but at the same time i was a little weary of it.
I made an account  and created a virtual avatar with the clothes and look i wanted and then began exploring this online world. To be honest i found it very weird and wasn’t really sure how to navigate my way around this world and the thought that it almost creates an ‘ultra ego’ to become someone else in some cases is concerning!
Above are some screenshots of the destinations you can visit in this virtual world. There are  different exotic islands,clubs and cities you can teleport yourself to in order to meet different people. Though the more i played the came i realised you had have to work your way up and gain a certain amount of friends in order to change your destination.
Over all i found it a very strange idea, although i can definitely see how this could be an escape for some people to become part of a social craze and virtual world.
Another game that is based on the idea of a virtual world is The Sims. You can create your own character just like second life but it isn’t as serious and its a game you simply download to your computer rather than play online.
It can work in the same way as second life though because you have to earn money and gradually work your way up until you have a hole family and can design your very own house. Again i can see the same attraction and i have played the sims many a times and have become adicted to its creativity.

In the design mode you can arrange things to exactly how you want them down to the pattern colour and style.  
When creating yourself you can add little details like changing your eye colour, shape of your lips nose, eyebrows a and even the shape of your eyes.

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