Artist Research

Martin Creed 

Martin Creed is an English artist and musician who won the Turner Prize for one of his works and has had many other awards for his creativity. The piece bellow ‘596’ is a grande piano set in an empty gallery and every three seconds the lid collapses and is amplified on a speaker to make it louder.

Another piece he did ‘ Half the air in a given space’ which consisted of a gallery space filled to head height with balloons. I think this is a great one as its so simple but so effective and i can imagine there would be mixed reactions as viewers walked through the mass of balloons.

I think this is his most provocative piece he’s done ‘503’ which consisted of a projector in a gallery with a constant video loop of a girl vomiting in a space. This caused mixed reactions some people had to walk out some people were intrigued and some people found it interesting. Either way i think this is a great example of the types of reactions you can get my developing different ideas.


‘850’ A serious of athletes running through the centre of a gallery space every 20 minutes.


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