Artist research

Richard wilson

Richard Wilson is a british artist who bases is work around sculpture and installations. He has won the turner price award twice and now has 50 different exhibitions around the world. One of his most well-known pieces is 20:50, sump oil and steel. Viewed from a sunk  walk way the room appears to be an illusion, a polished floor, an empty space or to some a disorienting mirrored reflection of the gallery.

i think this piece gives a huge impact on the viewer and might simulate disorientation, fear, tranquility, complete mixed emotions. This type of work definitely gives me inspiration towards my work and doing some kind of installation is something i would like to consider.

This piece called ‘ Turning the place over’ is exactly that, he has taken a section of the flats and twisted the angle of it to make it look although the apartment has some kind of disfigurement. Again this is a really good one because when noticed I’m sure it would cause quite a reaction as the viewer is never quite sure what is going on or how it has been done.

‘Slice of reality’

Again this is a great one to inspire me towards my project as it gives me some kind of idea towards the things i would like to do. Rather than go down the mechanical side of ‘ simulation’ i am much more interested in the installation side of things, maybe installing something into a room to cause some kind of reaction.

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